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Stay warm! Pay attention to the temperature and dress accordingly.
Download the Stay in the Blue app for free, created by students. It will help you—or help you help your friends—to Stay in the Blue (blood alcohol content--BAC) at .06 or below)!

There are thousands of UM students who choose not to drink. Those who don’t drink are always in the blue!

If you choose to drink:

  1. Eat before and during drinking (especially foods high in protein and fat)
  2. Drink water throughout the day/evening
  3. Drink slowly/pace yourself
  4. Avoid shots
  5. Measure drinks/set a limit
  6. Stay with friends

And some other tips:

  1. Open containers: It is illegal to be on public property with open containers of alcohol. Public property includes sidewalks, streets and public buildings.

  2. Consider what you are posting on social media and making publicly available.

  3. Create inclusive environments. Make sure the people around you are comfortable with the plans. Many students choose not to drink or celebrate this day, whether it is due to personal, academic, legal, religious or sobriety reasons, consider how your “hype” may affect their shared environment. Expect Respect. Give it. Get it.

  4. Include alcohol free options and food at your events.

  5. Consider transportation options (Lyft, Uber, taxis, designated drivers, etc.).

  6. Take a look at the happening@Michigan website ( to see the wide range of activities available on campus and in our community

Visit the Stay in the Blue website for more info.


-Contributed by Wolverine Wellness at the University Health Service