Halloween Decorations on a Budget

Being festive for the holidays can be hard on a student budget, so we’ve provided some ideas on how to decorate for Halloween without breaking the bank (and staying sustainable!) Why waste milk cartons when you could turn them into decorative lanterns?  What about ping pong balls? Here are some festive, and affordable options:

Milk Carton Lanterns:

  • Materials: scissors, a sharpie, some holiday lights, and a milk carton.
  1. Cut a hole in the bottom of the carton.
  2. Pull a string of lights through the carton and draw a pumpkin face on the front.

Now you’ve not only decorated for Halloween, but have brand new outdoor lighting as well! Use orange lights or add tissue paper to the outside to make them more like pumpkins.

Ping Pong Ghost Lights:

  • Materials: ping pong balls, scissors, a sharpie, gauze or cheesecloth, and some glue.
  1. Draw on your pumpkin faces and poke a hole through the back of the ping pong ball (a nail works well) for the lights. The hole should fit the light snugly.
  2. Glue the gauze around the ball to make the lights appear more ghoulish. You may want to prepare a surface that allows the balls to sit upright and dry.

Once again you have new lighting (this time for inside or outside) and have decorated at the same time! We hope this has given you some idea of how to get into the Halloween spirit! Enjoy your Halloween and stay safe!


Contributed by Kendal Rosalik