Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Sleeping cat
  • Sleep is one of the most important factors of a well-working brain. It allows for increased memory function and a balanced body. Try to avoid over-studying late at night and choose sleep. It will help you function and will allow you to be well-rested and prepared for an exam-filled day.


  • Nutrition. Nutrition can also greatly support a balanced body, so remember to eat well throughout the week. Nutrient-rich foods like nuts and fruits are a tasty and healthy option!


  • Follow a schedule that you create yourself. Laying out all of your tasks, events, and exam dates ahead of time creates an organized approach to your finals. Creating a planner spreadsheet, check-list, or post-it notes will help you remember what is due in a clear manner. It will also help have everything in one place so you do not have to scramble to find several different dates. Have fun with your organization and make it a helpful studying tool. You could even plan out a detailed study schedule for classes or use it as a daily reminder.


  • Allow some quality relaxation time. Studying every second will overwork you relatively fast. It is important to take a few breaks to do something that tunes into your own interests or is even just a calming activity. For example, watching a TV show or listening to music can allow you to take some brain rest and engage in entertainment.


  • Events. There are also always events on-campus during finals week that are specifically geared towards de-stressing, such as dog visits, arts and crafts, or free food and coffee hours. Utilize the enjoyable things that are available to you in order to make sure you are letting your mind rejuvenate.


If you need more support, CAPS at the Tappan Street Auxiliary Building is always an option for students. They provide helpful counseling services for well-being and positive development.


Also, Wolverine Wellness provides students with support on multi-dimensional aspects of well-being.


Good luck finishing out this semester!


Contributed by Annie E. - Neighborhood Ambassador