Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

During the winter semester, Counseling and Psychological Services is offering group sessions and workshops tailored to a variety of different topics to provide students with a safe space to open up about what is troubling them. 


The Winter 2022 Lunch Series are drop-in events with no previous appointments required, all occurring between 11:30-12:15pm. The following sessions are offered as part of the Lunch Series:


  • Nourish focuses on the issues women of color face in everyday life with events scattered on Wednesdays throughout each month of the semester. 


  • My Brothers focuses on issues that affect men of color providing a blend of community and mentoring with events happening on Tuesdays. 


  • The International Student Lunch Conversation is a space for international students to connect and share their experiences on Wednesdays. 


To get more information on specific dates and to register for one of these series, click on this link and scroll down to lunch series.


CAPS has many other groups that meet weekly and do require a meeting with the group facilitator before officially joining. 

  • Progress Not Purfektion is for those that struggle with an unhealthy strive for perfection and works to change those thoughts and behaviors in a positive direction. 

  • Turning Pain into Art uses trauma and pain as fuel for creative expression in an attempt to process difficult feelings and emotions. 

  • Atlas of the Heart is for individuals that struggle with being emotionally available and open to others. 

  • Worthy is for women of color on a journey of self love looking to improve their self esteem. 

  • Sister Circle is for all women who struggle with self esteem and aims to explore self identity to become more self aware and accepting. 

  • LBTQ Women's Support Group allows for connection between women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, or are questioning their sexual identities. 

  • Students on the Autism Spectrum provides a safe space of non judgement and empowerment for those on the autism spectrum. 

  • Coping with Climate Stress is for people concerned about the health of our planet and the future being impacted by climate change. 

  • Our Voices provides an empowering and supportive environment to black female undergraduate students. 

  • Journey Toward Healing is for those who have experienced sexual assault or abuse or relationship violence to provide support and strategies for healing.

  • Continuing the Journey is a follow up to the Journey Toward Healing for those that want further assistance in processing their experiences.

  • Conquering Social Anxiety helps members learn the causes of social anxiety and how to directly combat it for success going forward.

  • Eating and Body Image Support Group is for individuals who are recovering from an eating disorder or body dysmorphia to have a safe space to continue their progress.


There are also Understanding Self and Others groups, which are designed to help people achieve personal growth and gain awareness to enhance their personal and academic success. Among these are groups for undergraduates, graduates and Undergraduate Women in STEM students to explore thoughts and feelings with others in their cohort. Treatment groups and workshops for those suffering with Anxiety, OCD, and ADHD are also available over a three-week period. These groups will help students learn coping strategies and better understand how they can take care of their mental health.

This is a brief overview of the activities that CAPS is offering during this semester. If you have more questions about a specific group and would like to become involved, again please click on this link and explore their website to learn more about how they can help you!