Be a Good Neighbor


Remember that your off campus neighbors live just feet away. Maintain a positive relationship with the students or Ann Arbor residents next door, and keep these helpful tips in mind:

Introduce yourself

At the beginning of the year, introduce yourself to your neighbors who own and rent in the neighborhood and exchange contact information. Learn a little about them and share a little about yourself. Let your neighbors know that you care about the area in which you live.

Respect your neighbor’s lifestyle

Depending on the off-campus neighborhood, students may live next to working adults or families with young children. Be aware and respectful of your neighbor’s daily schedule and lay out ground rules early in the year.

Get involved in your neighborhood

In addition to your student neighborhood, the City of Ann Arbor has many neighborhood associations that meet regularly, share information of interest to neighbors, and organize events. Reach out to the permanent residents in your area or visit city of Ann Arbor residential associations to get learn more and get involved.

Keep the noise down

Avoid creating loud noises between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM, and if problems arise, work with your neighbors to find a solution that doesn’t involve the police.

Park your car in appropriate places

Park only in driveways, parking spaces that are assigned to you, or in legal spaces on the street. Do not park in a neighbor’s parking space unless you ask first, and avoid parking across the sidewalk or on grass.

Be responsible when throwing a party

Talk to your neighbors before you have a party. Afterward, clean up all visible party-related debris left on your property and your neighbors’ properties as soon as possible – don’t trash anything that you are not going to clean up.


Ask for assistance when you need it – many neighbors are willing to lend a hand. Discuss concerns with your neighbors as soon as they arise and before they escalate into larger issues. If you need help with a conflict, contact the following:

Dean of Students Office

Office of Student Conflict Resolution 

Student Legal Services