Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Subletting Your Space

Subletting rooms and apartments is a hot topic, especially as Spring and Summer terms draw near. Before you decide to sublet, make sure to read your lease and check with your landlord to find out if you are allowed to sublet your space, and get details on any guidelines or restrictions for the process.

You will also want to talk with your roommates about this decision. They may have an opinion about potential summer roommates or may already have a roommate in mind. Perhaps they, too, would like to sublet their space for the summer months. 

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Stay in the Blue this St. Patrick's Day

As March 17 approaches, you may be involved with planning or participating in social activities. If your planned festivities involve alcohol or other drugs please take time to Stay In the Blue, by taking some simple steps to ensure you stay safe during celebrations. Stay In the Blue helps you to regulate alcohol consumption by remaining below 0.06 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). Some simple steps include:

  • Set a drink limit, and stick to it

  • Make sure you eat before and during consuming alcohol

Spring Break AirBus

Spring break is an exciting time for students. It’s a great way to decompress before midterm season kicks into full swing. For many students, finding travel to and from the airport can be a costly hassle. The University’s Central Student Government (CSG) is bringing back AirBus, free travel with an MCard to and from the Detroit Metro Airport. Go to to reserve your ride to the airport.

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Join the Beyond The Diag team!

If you're looking for a flexible, well-paying job that allows you to make a difference off-campus and in the community, then look no further - Beyond the Diag is hiring Neighborhood Ambassadors. As an NA, you have the opportunity to work closely with the Dean of Students Office and your peers to provide campus resources to students who live off campus. Beyond the Diag helps students find housing, navigate leases and landlord disputes, and access housing advice and information resources.

Census 2020 - make it count!

“What’s the point of the Census?”, you may be asking. Well, the Census has many functions, but one of the main functions is to count the total population of all persons currently residing in the U.S. This count is then used to determine how many representatives each state should have in the House of Representatives, and also helps to decide how billions of dollars in federal funding for local communities will be allocated. Beyond that, the Census is also one of the most critical reference tools in understanding the demographic make-up of the country.

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