Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Virtual Housing Fair - April 2021

The university has announced the plans for the Fall 2021 semester, which include a return to most classes being taught in person, fans attending athletics events, and many more in-person activities taking place on campus. With this in mind, we recognize that many students are now ready to make a decision about where to live during the 2021-2022 academic year.

COVID-19 - vaccine update

As we begin to enjoy warmer weather, and a fall semester plan with more in-person classes and activities, it is vital that we remain vigilant against COVID-19. The University of Michigan wants students and faculty to “not miss their shot” to receive the vaccine, especially now that it is available to all persons aged 16 and older in the state of Michigan. Information has been added to the Campus Blueprint website providing details on how and where to to receive your vaccine.

Move Out Advice

Moving out can be awkward, time-consuming, and messy. We have teamed up with colleagues from Planet Blue and the City of Ann Arbor to offer you some helpful hints and tips for how to stress out of packing.

Take a look at this video, to learn what you can do to help as you start to pack. Additionally, this blog post from the Planet Blue Student Leaders gives some great advice on how to move out of your house or apartment in a sustainable way.

Some packing tips:

AirBus - April 2021

Happy Spring, Wolverines!

Winter semester is almost over and many students are finishing classes, and preparing for exams! We also realize that travel, domestic and international travel is challenging right now, and if you’re planning to travel by plane, AirBus is here to help!

Porch Pirates

In the past few months, the city has seen an increase in theft of delivery items from porches and doorways. As a result, Ann Arbor Police Department is asking all local residents, including students, to be vigilant and aware of any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. Thieves will often target locations that are in plain sight of the curb and easy to access. AAPD has created a flyer, with some helpful hints and tips on how you can protect your property.