Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Stop, Drop, and Restock on Free Healthy Groceries

Free Food. Isn’t that what every busy college student desires? With rising tuition costs and inconveniently located grocery stores, food insecurity is on a rampant rise on the U of M campus. Maize and Blue Cupboard is here to help!

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Cultural Appropriation

Chances are, you’ve heard a bit about cultural appropriation during your time at the University of Michigan. Do you understand what it is and how you can avoid offensive costumes on Halloween?

We're a CULTURE, not a costume.

Attend Relationship Remix and Change It Up Workshops

All first year students, whether they are living in the residence halls or in off-campus housing are required to participate in two peer-led, interactive, skill-building workshops called Relationship Remix: Workshops on Relationships, Sex, and Choice and Change it Up! Bystander Intervention Workshops. For Relationship Remix, there are some sessions specifically for off-campus students!

MESA Heritage Months

Arab Heritage Month and Asian/Pacific Islander American Heritage Month are being celebrated on our campus with a variety of social and educational events. Many of the events will highlight struggle, achievements and resistance within these communities currently and historically. 

Your Friendly Neighborhood... Foodie!

Check out this month’s Q and A and get to know Brett Slajus (LSA ‘16): Cellular and Molecular Biology Major, future medical student, Kerrytown resident, and your friendly neighborhood foodie!  Click on the links to find out more about local eats and grocery destinations!

Brett’s homemade Pad Thai, made using 1 pot, 1 pan, and plenty of fresh ingredients.