Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Navigating SAPAC

On campus, there are so many resources (and acronyms to go with them) that it would be in our best interest to get familiar with. One such resource is SAPAC,   or the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center. SAPAC offers support   for survivors of sexual assault, stalking, sexual harassment, and domestic   violence; the organization offers a 24-hour crisis line (734-936-3333) that may   be used by any individuals who are in need of support or counseling.

This is an image of the SAPAC logo comprised of a black and white hand with a heart in the middle.

Expect Respect

The role of the Expect Respect program is to work with students and campus departments to create programs that foster an inclusive and socially aware and just campus environment. Expect respect is focused on creating a campus environment where everyone feels that they belong. With help from the Expect Respect Student steering committee, and different Student Life departments, we will work collaboratively to support and develop campus events and programs that promote respect and diversity on campus for all students, faculty and staff. 

Looking For a Job?

Finding an hourly job to earn some spending money  should be a breeze in a vibrant town like Ann Arbor, but where to start? There are flyer postings all over campus, from information boards in the diag to the posting wall in Mason Hall, or even on the blue buses. Another great resource is the university job listings page where you can tailor your search to the wages or hours you prefer, work-study or non, and the different types of jobs available here at U of M.