Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Courtesy of Flickr

During the winter months, going for a run sounds less and less appealing compared to snuggling up in bed with lots of blankets and hot cocoa. The weather may reduce the priority of staying active, so it can be difficult to find motivation. However, like all aspects of health, it is important to maintain your physical health.


If you are someone who needs to leave the house to get some physical activity in, there are three indoor facilities located throughout campus. Located just minutes from the Diag is the Central Campus Recreation Building. If you live close to the South Athletic Campus, the newly renovated Intramural Sports Building is the place for you. Lastly, for people on North Campus is the North Campus Recreational Center, which is on the corner of Hubbard and Murfin Avenues near Bursley and Northwood apartments. The wonderful aspect of these recreational facilities is that if you are an enrolled student (taking one credit or more during the current semester), it is free! To get access, all you have to do is show your University of Michigan identification card at the door. More information on these facilities can be found here on the Rec Sports website.


If you are someone who would rather stay home than go to a gym, there are still plenty of wonderful options for you to stay fit! One tip to begin working out is to have a workout buddy! This could be a roommate, friend or just someone from class to keep you motivated. An easy way to get cardio in a small space is jump roping, or you could invest in ankle weights to make household chores a workout. Of course, there are plenty of other tips out there as well!


Of course, if you are super busy and your schedule is packed tight, there are always a couple fitness swaps you can make. For example, walking to class instead of driving/taking the bus or using the stairs instead of the elevator.



-Contributed by Sam G., Neighborhood Ambassador