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There’s one easy number for all your health related needs, so put this number in your phone: 734-764-8320. For non-urgent concerns, schedule an appointment.  For urgent concerns, call for nurse advice, day or night.

Which ER is right for me? Hopefully you won’t need to visit a hospital emergency room, but if you do, you should know about a recent change on the U-M medical campus:

  • If you’re 21 or older, go to U-M Hospital Emergency Department at 1500 E. Medical Center Drive

  • If you’re under age 21, go to Michigan Medicine Children’s Emergency Services at 1540 E. Hospital Drive

Stay in the Blue to avoid ER visits and more. Maybe you know someone who went to the ER from alcohol poisoning. It’s no fun, it’s expensive, and it’s completely avoidable. You could choose not to drink (thousands of U-M students happily make that choice), or you could drink in moderation. Most U-M students have 0-4 drinks when they party. To have all the fun and none of the drama, use the free Stay in the Blue app to monitor blood alcohol content and check out tips at Stay in the Blue.  Also know the signs and what to do in case of an Alcohol Emergency.  If you see someone in trouble, please make the call for help.

The state of Michigan has a Medical Amnesty law that removes perceived barriers for students to call for medical help. This means that people under 21 will be exempt from prosecution if they voluntarily present themselves or initiate contact with law enforcement or medical services for the purpose of obtaining medical assistance for an alcohol or prescription drug overdose.  This law also provides amnesty from prosecution for alcohol possession or consumption for minors who report experiencing criminal sexual misconduct, or assist those who report experiencing such misconduct.

Beat the flu - getting a flu shot on campus is easy! Flu shots are the #1 most effective means to avoid flu, and they are available on campus at UHS by appointment or at walk-in clinics. For details see Flu and Vaccination.


-Contributed by Carol Tucker, Wolverine Wellness