Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

crisler center umich

Check out the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. This building is just a bus ride away and holds a wide array of flora. Go check out the koi pond, blooming plants, greenery, and tended gardens. The whole building is humid and regulated for the plants as well, so it is like a little escape to a warmer climate!

Go to UMix on Friday nights. These are now being held in the Michigan League. They always provide interesting activities, games, free food, and crafts. 

Cheer on the men's and women's basketballl teams this season! Look out for home games at the University of Michigan Crisler Arena. These are great events to enjoy school spirit and enthusiasm.

Looking for ways to spend your summer? Check out the LSA Opportunity Hub and the University Career Center. Both places have recurring appointments, workshops, and events available to help students find summer opportunities. Whether you need to polish your resume, find research programs, or apply to internships, these centers will be a great resource for you.

Attend a Food Literacy For All course. This course can be taken for credit but is also open to students and community members that are interested. The class will have several relevant guest speakers. Topics include discussions on the complexities of food globalization, food systems, public health, environmental concerns, and more.

Find even more opportunities, from community service to film screenings, at the University events website.


-Contributed by Anne E., Neighborhood Ambassador