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People selecting fruits and vegetables at the Farmer's Market

Welcome back to campus after a well-deserved winter break! While the weather outside is still a little frightful, there are plenty of ways to make sure this semester is delightful. Don’t let the winter snow and slush make you forget about your mental and physical health this season - check out these great tips to kick off a healthy and successful 2017:

  • Add a little exercise into your regular routine - Get a start on your New Year’s Resolutions this January by getting active! Physical activity can help clear your head after a long night at the library or out with friends, and getting some fresh air can help you feel refreshed and ready for whatever’s next on the to-do list. If it’s too chilly to get some exercise outdoors this time of year, check out any of our great indoor campus recreational facilities, including the newly renovated IMSB on Hoover Street!
  • Keep sickness at bay - As many students return to campus after winter break and many more see a quick drop in their hours of sleep per night, colds and flus may try to sneak up on students. Don’t let them! Remember to wash your hands, get that flu shot if you haven’t already, and incorporate lots of healthy vitamins and minerals into your meals
  • Speaking of New Year’s Resolutions and eating healthy, get a fresh outlook on food this winter with some grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking suggestions from our very own University Health Service. Or, if you’re looking for a low-effort, warm and cozy meal for a blustery day, pull out your crockpot (or just put a pot on the stove) and try out a great new soup recipe.  
  • Pay attention to your mental health as well - Your physical health isn’t the only thing to watch this wintery season! With the stress of classes and conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder, it can be very important to remember to give yourself a break every once in a while, and to ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to stop by UHS and CAPS for other questions about your physical and mental health this season, or consider joining a peer led support group through Wolverine Support Network!
  • And finally, check out these winter tips and tricks to get you out of some sticky (or icy!) situations that may come in with the cold.


Contributed By: Anna Collins