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Seeing New Year’s Resolutions through in college can be a challenge as the semester goes on, the going gets tough, and old habits return. Simon A. Rego, PsyD, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and David Epstein, MD, medical director for Cigna Healthcare in Atlanta developed the “SMART” theory for planning successful behavioral changes. This includes New Year’s Resolutions! Outlining just 5 important details can help you see your resolution through until the resolution has been resolved or until the end of 2017, whatever you are aiming for!


  1. Specific: Define your goal. Instead of saying “study more” you can say “study in the Law Library for Orgo 1.”
  2. Measurable: Include a quantity in your resolution. For example, “Study for Orgo 1 in the Law Library for 45 minutes each day” or “I will eat a salad three times a week at my dinner table.”
  3. Attainable: Make it a realistic goal. A small change, such as 15 minutes of cardio 3 times a week, is still progress if your goal is to be more active.
  4. Rewarding: Celebrate your milestones! Small rewards will keep you encouraged to see your resolution through to the end.
  5. Time-limited: Keeping a resolution open ended leaves space for cheating. Setting an end date or milestone will help keep you focused and motivated.

Good luck! Beyond the Diag wishes you a great new year- New Year, New Resolutions! And as Oprah Winfrey has stated:

"Another chance to get things right!"


Contributed By: Brooke Baker