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Expect Respect. Give it. Get it.
  • RESPECT. The policy applies to all UM students. All students engaging in this policy can expect to be treated with respect as the University seeks to provide an appropriate, private, timely and fair response to reports of sexual misconduct by students.
  • REPORT. The University strongly encourages the reporting of any and all cases of sexual misconduct to a University employee and the UM Police Department. Students also have the option to contact confidential assistance.
  • RESPOND. The University will respond to sexual misconduct reports with support and resources  for both students  and proceed in a way that seeks to honor the rights of the students affected by the report.
  • REVIEW. The sexual misconduct report will be reviewed and if approved, investigated by the Title IX coordinator or designee. The investigations are private and do not involve a hearing. Participants are not required to meet together. Click here for more information about the sanctioning process.

Sexual misconduct is not tolerated at the University of Michigan. Visit the Sexual Misconduct Policy website for more information.