Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Airplane wing flying over mountains

Traveling is so exciting, and summer is a great time to do it! Whether you are leaving the country, or just Ann Arbor, it’s important to practice safety both in your travels and in the home you are leaving behind.

No matter where you are going, it’s important to make sure you leave everything in order at home! Remember to put your mail on hold, double check that you don’t leave any valuables out and visible, and of course lock up your home.

Especially when going to a foreign country, be sure to notify your bank of your travel before you leave. That way you aren’t at risk of having your credit/debit card frozen and ruining your adventures! If you are traveling for any academic reason, register your travel in the U-M travel registry. Doing so will provide you with access to the University travel abroad health insurance plan and allow you to stay in contact with the university to receive any urgent safety, health, or security related information. It’s always nice to have a scanned copy of any important documents, such as your passport, just in case something gets lost.

From my experiences abroad, my biggest recommendation is to do your research before you arrive in a new city – whether you’re living there for four months or just visiting for a weekend. You don’t want to arrive in Venice only to realize that you have absolutely no idea what there actually is to do in Venice!

Most importantly – have fun! Living abroad was one of the best experiences of my life, and I’m sure it will be for you too!


Contributed By: Kaitlin Myers