Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Help keep our campus and our city clean when you move out at the end of the school year. Whether you’re leaving Ann Arbor for good or just for the summer, here are some tips on how to recycle, take out the trash, and donate your lightly used items..


Donation Drop Sites

Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop

Location: 2280 S. Industrial Hwy.
Open for Donations: Monday, Thursday, Friday from 10am to 6pm, Saturday from 10am to 5pm, ans Sunday from 12pm to 4pm.

  • The PTO Thrift Shop accepts clothing, books, kitchenware and  small appliances in good condition. List of acceptable donations.

  • The money earned from the resale of items goes to benefit Ann Arbor public schools and their extracurricular programs.


Location: 3782 Carpenter Rd

Open for Donations: Monday through Saturday from 8:00am to 8:00pm, and Sundays from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

  • All Goodwill retail locations accept clothing, electronics, furniture, and home goods. See Goodwill Detroit for a full list.

  • Proceeds from the resale of donations supports local people in the Greater Detroit area.


Pick-Up Services

Recycle Ann Arbor’s ReUse Center

  • Free collection service for the disposal of good quality furniture. Call the ReUse Center at 734-222-7880 to find out if your items qualify.

  • If your items are not eligible for free pick up service, the Drop Off Station will pick up to 5 cubic yards of waste, recycling, and furniture for a maximum fee of $175. Call the Drop-Off Station at 734-971-7400.

Salvation Army

  • Schedule a free pick-up online, and let them know what you will be donating.

  • Clothing, furniture and appliances are accepted in good condition. Check out Salvation Army’s value guide to determine the tax deductible value for your donations.

Ann Arbor ReStore

  • Donate to the Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley. You can schedule a free pick-up Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm on the ReStore website or by calling (734) 323-7028.

  • Fill out the Ann Arbor ReStore’s online form and upload photos of the items you wish to donate.


When you’re cleaning out your off-campus home, make sure you sort your trash and follow Ann Arbor ordinances regarding garbage disposal.


Here are some reminders about Ann Arbor’s trash and recycling services:

  • Trash

    • All garbage must fit into the trash cart with the lid closed.

    • Make sure to compact your trash bags before putting them into the cart.

    • Bring trash carts to the curb within 24 hours prior to service.

    • Remove trash carts within 12 hours of service.

    • Do not put televisions, computers, and other electronics in your trash cart.

    • Appliances containing freon may not be placed in the trash.

  • Recycling

    • Always recycle mixed paper, metal cans, plastic bottles and jars.

    • Recycle "Aseptic" and "Tetrapak" packages typically used for liquids such as broth or almond milk.

    • Keep the lids on all containers.

    • Larger plastic items like laundry baskets and lawn chairs can be put in your curbside recycling if they fit into the cart with the lid closed.

    • Collapse all cardboard boxes to create more room in your recycling cart.

    • Do not put styrofoam, batteries, light bulbs, or any electronics into your recycling cart.

    • Biodegradable plastics (marked “PLA” or “BPI”) may not be placed in curbside recycling.

Unwanted Medications

Unwanted medications can be taken to UHS for disposal anytime UHS is open. See Safe Medication Disposal.


If you have other waste that you are unsure how to dispose of, recycle Ann Arbor’s A-Z Recycling Guide has you covered. Just type in the item you want to throw away to learn how to best dispose of it. You can also check out the City of Ann Arbor's Spring Move Out Letter for details about the city's solid waste collection area on East University.  


Follow these simple tips to have a stress-free move while also helping your community. With your help, we can keep Ann Arbor clean this spring.


Resources courtesy of Recycle Ann Arbor and Planet Blue

Contributed by Samantha G. - Neighborhood Ambassador