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Expect Respect

Inclusion, diversity, and social awareness are core values at the University of Michigan. These values are especially important to consider as Halloween approaches and you are figuring out your costume for this year. Expect Respect is a program in the Dean of Students Office that works to promote inclusive engagement in student life. Expect Respect’s innovative events endorse respect and diversity, and they provide workshop opportunities for students to learn more about social identities and cultural appropriation. Striving to provide students with a stronger understanding of their peers, Expect Respect highlights the beauty of diversity and fosters a healthy and safe campus climate. 

This October, Expect Respect will be hosting Diag Day, an event on the Diag meant to get students thinking about respect within the University community. The event’s main goal is to provide students with an understanding of what respect looks like on campus and in Ann Arbor. By bringing together a variety of organizations centered around inclusion, health and wellness, and community engagement, Diag Day intends to showcase all of the University resources available to students. 

Diag Day is a celebration of different identities, and it is a fantastic way to take part in fun, educational activities, like chalk drawings, corn hole, table creations, and is a great way to meet new people. Beyond the Diag will be at the event distributing information and running an activity about being a respectful student and neighbor. 

Being a student at the University of Michigan can feel stressful and all-consuming at times. While academic focus and enthusiasm are undeniably important as a Michigan student, our campus environment also deserves attention. At Diag Day, students have the opportunity to step outside of the classroom, reflect on respect, and connect with various organizations that create respect on campus. So, if you want to be a part of making campus a more respectful and inclusive place, take a study break, grab a friend, and come on down to the Diag!  

For more information about Expect Respect and to keep an eye out for the next Diag Day, visit the Expect Respect program website.

Contributed by Annie Else, –Neighborhood Ambassador