Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

Courtesy of Flickr

Breaks from class are usually times for family, friends, fun, and, of course, food!  However, it is important to remain vigilant about safety during this time of year.


If you are leaving town, remember to shut and lock all of your windows and doors, to keep unwanted visitors out. Turning off and unplugging lights and electronics will reduce the chance of a fire while you are away, as well as lower your electric bill. It is well worth your time to devote 10-20 minutes to cleaning and putting away your dishes and taking out your trash.  Otherwise, old dishes and trash will stink up your apartment while you are gone. Another important task is cleaning out the fridge! Don’t sour your return to campus by coming back to moldy bread and expired milk. This will also free up space in your fridge for any leftovers you bring back.


Catching a flight at DTW? Central Student Government has CSG airBus making trips to and from the airport, and there is the Michigan Flyer.  Make sure to reserve a seat as soon as possible! For those leaving a vehicle on campus during the break, be sure to hide valuables, lock the car, and take your keys with you. Anything that can be seen from the outside and deemed valuable is an incentive for someone to break in, but moving these items into your home reduces the risk of theft.


For many, pets are a beloved part of our families. If this is the case for you, remember that the holiday season is a dangerous time for them as well. For many pets, raw doughs and cake/cookies batters can have deadly consequences, bones from the turkey can pose a choking hazard, and trash often becomes a beacon for inquisitive pets. Additionally, if you are decorating, some plants are toxic for dogs or cats. Ensure a happy and healthy holiday for all by keeping food off the ground, putting trash in a secure container (i.e. trash can with a lid), and only feeding furry friends food that has the green light from their vet!


-Contributed by Erika A., Program Assistant