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baskets of tomatoes

Have you ever wished there was a guide to help you navigate meal planning, shopping and cooking in a way that is easy on the earth and your wallet? Well, you’re in luck! The Guide to Off-Campus Food has tips and resources on nutrition, recipes, cooking courses, saving money, and transportation, as well as a directory of nearby grocery stores.


The Food Guide also has suggestions for sustainable eating. A great way to lower your diet’s environmental impact is to eat locally grown food. Why is local important?


  1. Local food has a lower carbon footprint. Food typically travels 15,000 miles before it’s eaten, which results in high emissions from fuel, packaging, and refrigeration.
  2. Local food supports the local economy. Supporting local farmers helps a create a vibrant and resilient local economy.

  3. Local farming is often more sustainable. Many small scale farmers use minimal pesticides and employ practices that naturally enrich the soil and respect local ecosystems.

  4. Locally grown food is more flavorful and higher in nutrients. Once produce is picked, its nutrient value begins to decrease. Local food reaches your plate faster, making it fresher, tastier and healthier!


Here are some great places to find local food in Ann Arbor. More options are listed in the Guide to Off Campus Food.



Ann Arbor Farmers Market, 315 Detroit Street

The farmers market is an outlet for local farmers to sell their food to the Ann Arbor community. The Market is open Wednesdays and Saturdays 7 am - 3 pm from May to December, and Saturday 8 am - 3 pm from January through April.  


UM Farmers Market

The M Farmers Markets bring local vendors to different locations on campus throughout the fall and spring. The markets on September 13th and 27th and October 11th and 25th are especially exciting, with cooking demonstrations, free samples, giveaways, information stations and of course lots of delicious local food! You can find more market dates on the MHealthy website.


Lucky’s Market, 1919 S Industrial Hwy

Lucky’s Market is located just south of the U of M golf course.  It’s easy to get there, and the selection of sustainable options is impressive.


People’s Food Co-op, 216 N 4th Ave

This store has a large selection of bulk, local, and organic items, and it is located close to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market.


-Contributed by Planet Blue