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Ross students studying abroad in Europe

Studying abroad can be a great thing to add to your UMich experience. There are many things to consider. Where do you want to go? How long can you be gone? In what language do you want your classes to be taught? How much does a program cost?


Will studying abroad fit in your schedule? You may have a major that doesn’t accommodate studying abroad and this may make it more difficult to fit it into your schedule. The key is to start looking early and to talk to your general advisor, as well as your major and minor advisors to see if it can work for you. If for some reason a semester abroad would not be possible with your major, consider going for a spring or summer term. Seeing as it is a shorter period of time, it is likely to be less expensive.


The next step is where to go and through what program? U of M offers many programs through M-Compass. There are several perks to going through a University of Michigan program- you will be with other UofM students and you can be conforted by the fact that your credits will definitely transfer!


Non-U of M programs may offer more flexibility. There are more places available, as well as a broader range of pricing which may offer you less expensive options. Regardless, with third party providers it is essential that you know what classes you are taking in advance and if they are going to count towards your degree.


There are scholarships available to help you achieve your study abroad goal. Still, if you are not able to, there are other opportunities in the United States that may be easier for you. You may want to consider Semester in Detroit or Semester in Washington.


More information can be found at the LSA Global Studies website. Another Beyond the Diag Neighborhood Ambassador, Julie, shared her motivation and the resources she believed to be useful for planning a study abroad program:

"As we begin the new semester, we dream of being somewhere a little more exotic than the MLB or Chem Building. While we have all grown to love Ann Arbor and call it home, studying abroad is a great opportunity to have your classroom daydreams come true and experience different cultures."  -Julie Ramus

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Contributed By: Daly Kleaveland