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As reported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a study showed about 58% of full-time college students (ages 18-22) have consumed alcohol in the last month. With the significant amount of college students participating in drinking, it is important to consider some helpful tips:


  • Know your limit and keep track of how many drinks you have

  • Never drink from a cup you didn’t pour yourself

  • Never combine alcohol and drugs

  • Make sure to eat before and while you drink

  • Rotate drinks with alcohol with a glass of water

With so many parties and events going on, such as game-day tailgates and holiday parties like Halloween, having what seems like fun can sometimes take priority over being safe. Drinking too much can have a severe impact on many aspects of your life, but most importantly, your health. Rethinking Drinking does a good job of explaining life impacts. They highlight the fact that heavy drinkers have an increased risk of liver disease, heart disease, sleep disorders, depression, stroke, and even STDs. Your health is very important for your future, but it is also key to having an enjoyable and successful year at the University of Michigan.

It is also important to consider the negative effects of peer pressure. The only person who knows their limit is you, so do not let others impact your drinking decisions. You may want to think about this for yourself and how you influence your peers too. Living off-campus can be exciting and fun, so do not let poor decisions impact your semester!

UHS has more information about alcohol consumption and keep an eye out for an alcohol free Beyond the Diag tailgate coming later in the semester!


-Contributed by Peter M., Neighborhood Ambassador