Fall Festivities

September 23rd marked the kick-off of Fall here in Ann Arbor (and the rest of the Western hemisphere too), so it’s time to break out that sweatshirt you’ve been hiding away in your closet all summer and get ready for Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s as they return in full force to the 15 Starbucks near you.

“What else does one do during Fall in Ann Arbor?” you ask. Well, there are a few things in this great city and surrounding area to do other than visiting your local barista or library this fall season.

For all of you cider-inclined people, Dexter’s Cider Mill (3685 Central St, Dexter, MI 48130) is only a 20-minute drive away and is the “oldest continuously operating cider mill in Michigan.” For those of you that have not experienced a Michigan cider mill in full force: do it! They not only offer cider, but also cinnamon-sugar donuts (commonly referred to as ‘cider donuts’), fresh apples, and a variety of other fall treats like caramel apples and apple-nut bread. On weekends they even have fresh, homemade apple pies, strudels, and turnovers. My personal favorite is the apple slushie, and I highly recommend it! Made with fresh, frozen cider, it’s the perfect fall drink! 

If you’re looking for a little bit more out of your Cider Mill, Wiard’s Orchard (5565 Merritt Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48197) has several events throughout October. These events include corn mazes, hayrides, and a pumpkin patch. On weekends, they also host the Wiard's Country Fair with a very extensive list of activities. Additionally, on weekend nights they have Night Terrors, with 6 different haunted attractions and the #8 top rated haunted hayride in the United States.

There is always the Arb where you can see the foliage changing from summer green to the beautiful red, gold, and brown tones of fall. The Arb is also a great place to go for a picnic or to just hang out! The Law Quad is also a beautiful place where you can study or have a picnic.

The city of Ann Arbor is vast and full of great adventures to partake in this fall, but off-campus as a whole is limitless and full of places of its own to explore!

Contributed By: Jose Alvarez