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Line of Snowmen

Frostbite is the most common injury that occurs from being outside in the severe cold.

Here are some tips to avoid frostbite:

  • Protect exposed skin!
  • Wear a hat to avoid heat loss from the scalp
  • If you’re out in the cold for extended periods of   time stay active to maintain body warmth
  • Dress warmly, and in multiple layers

Two pairs of warm wool mittens

Here are some common signs of Frostbite:

  1. The feeling of “pins and needles” followed by numbness
  2. Hard, pale and cold skin that’s been exposed to the cold for too long
  3. Aching or throbbing in the affected area
  4. As the affected area thaws, it may be increasingly painful and red
  5. Blistering

If you believe you may have frostbite seek immediate medical attention. For more information about how to prevent and treat frostbite, click here!


Contributed by Emily Lustig