Beyond the Diag - Off Campus Housing

With so many good options for places to eat it can be difficult to pick where to eat out! Not familiar with the area or looking to try something new? Here is a list of some of the Beyond the Diag team’s favorite places to eat in Ann Arbor:

  • Frita Batidos - This Cuban street food restaurant is on Washington right next to downtown. They serve up the best burgers I have ever tasted, along with amazing cuban milkshakes, massive churros, and unique items like loaded plantains. Whenever I ask someone what their favorite restaurant is in the area, this place always makes the list. 

  • Totoro - For my fellow sushi/Japanese food lovers out there, this is a must try spot. It is on State St right next to campus so it is very accessible and has a large menu. The sushi list is extensive but they also have bento boxes, noodles, dumplings, and much more. This is also a good spot for vegetarians with plenty of options!

  • Cardamom - This Indian restaurant is on Plymouth Rd by north campus so do not worry we did not forget about you guys up there! This place is known for their fresh dishes with a lot of flavor. They have basically every curry imaginable, tandoori, biryani, and several different kinds of naan bread. I have heard amazing things about this place and it is on my list of places to try next!

  • Chapala - If you like Mexican food, you absolutely must go to this restaurant near downtown on Main St! They have huge portions for their appetizers, entrees and cocktails for those over 21. It is such a fun place to go with friends and the food is always delicious. You will never leave this place hungry or unsatisfied.

  • Mediterrano - You need a car or a bus ride for this one but it is so worth it! Located on S State st next to Briarwood Mall, this restaurant serves up a variety of Mediterranean dishes from several countries with high quality ingredients and I have been blown away every time I’ve gone. Save this spot for a nice occasion or just whenever you feel like treating yourself!

  • Coffee shops - We all need our caffeine kick, and even if you aren’t a huge fan of coffee I wanted to list some places that had good coffee (and some also have good pastries etc) so you aren’t just drinking the same Starbucks coffee every week

    • Roos Roast on Liberty St/downtown

    • M36 Coffee on South University right by central campus

    • The Great Commoner on E Washington St next to downtown

    • Hyperion Coffee on Liberty St/downtown

    • The Drip House on S Main St right next to the Big House

  • Dessert - Because I have a huge sweet tooth and there is always room for dessert!

    • Detroit Cookie Co on E William St close to central campus

    • Cinnaholics on Liberty st/downtown

    • Bakehouse 46 on Liberty st/downtown

    • Washtenaw Dairy on S Ashley St 

    • Crumbl Cookies on N Maple Rd on the edge of town