Body Image Resilience group coaching


Many college students struggle with negative body image and fall victim to the extremely pervasive diet culture. Wolverine Wellness is aiming to combat this by providing a positive community atmosphere in a three-part series that will encourage students to be self aware and appreciate all the things that make them uniquely themselves.

  • Tuesday, March 7th 6-8pm: Diet Culture Influence and Cultivating Resilience
  • Tuesday, April 4 6-8pm: Body Image Beyond Size: Race, Gender, and Ability

All three sessions will be held in the Edward Said Multicultural Lounge in North Quad. There is flexibility if you can only attend for part of the time or are unable to attend every single session. If you are interested in acquiring the tools to navigate diet culture and body oppression in order to foster self love and personal growth, you can register for each part of the series at this link. Select “Group Coaching” when selecting your coaching type to see the calendar for current groups.