Be well this winter!

Once the temperature falls, walks to the gym and outings to the grocery store quickly become less and less appealing. Suddenly, you may find yourself stuck in an idle routine, day after day cocooned in layers of blankets and glued to the couch. If you are looking to combat this dwindle in motivation and activity, Beyond the Diag has you covered with suggestions to get your blood pumping and to stay fit this winter. 

Always been curious about yoga? Search around for a fun video tutorial on YouTube! You can practice your flow, strengthen your body, and focus your mind, all within the comfort of home. If yoga is not for you, consider purchasing a small set of free weights as a simple, yet effective addition to work outs. Try incorporating weights into your lunges, squats, or even your core workouts. Indoor, at-home workouts are easy and affordable ways to stay active and avoid the cold. Everyone’s body is different, and varies in workout preferences. Regardless of your fitness goals, if you don’t already have a home workout routine, you can find plenty through a simple Google search. 

If you decide to venture outside of the house for a workout, try out a Rec Sports Group-X class! Classes accommodate all different skill levels and include a variety of workouts like yoga, zumba, and barre. Prefer an outdoor run over the indoor treadmill? Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. It is important to protect your ears, toes, and fingers. Pro-tip: Wear thin, but protective fabric under your workout gear to stay warm, and always dress in layers.  

Eating healthy can be especially challenging once the cold weather hits. When you grocery shop, be on the lookout for fruits and veggies that are rich in vitamin C. Oranges, melons and broccoli are good sources of vitamin C. Additionally, eating foods rich in zinc, like spinach, and high in iron, like meat and eggs, are also nutritious choices. If you are vegan or vegetarian, or for any other reason cannot incorporate some of these foods into your diet, it may be wise to consult with your doctor about taking a vitamin supplement. 

In the chillier months it is extra tempting to fill up on sugar-laden comfort foods. These foods can be bad for your health and energy level. If you are in need of a healthy comfort food, try warm roasted veggies or a hearty soup. Try to find a sheet-pan recipe or a crockpot meal. These styles of cooking incorporate both convenience and health.

Contributed by Mikaela Grudzien, –Neighborhood Ambassador