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snowy campus

When leaving for winter break, make sure to “close up” your home properly, so you do not have to worry about cleaning up any messes or fixing any problems when you return! Consider the following tips:

1) Keep the heat on (at a low temperature). During the winter time, it is very easy for pipes to freeze and burst. To combat this, you can keep your heat on low (50 degrees) and keep your cabinets open. You can leave the water dripping to help prevent pipes freezing as well.

2) If you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time, consider having the post office hold your mail, and request that your landlord check up on your property while you are away.

3) Although keeping the heat on and the water running is not eco-friendly, you can conserve energy in other ways, such as unplugging items like TVs, microwaves, printers, and other electronics. Before leaving the house, double check to make sure you have turned off all appliances and lights. 

4) When you are ready to leave, make sure you to lock up! A lot of break-ins happen, especially over the holiday break, because doors and windows are left unlocked. It is better to be safe than sorry, so hide all your valuables or take them with you and put a hold on your mail while you’re gone through USPS.

5) When driving, make sure to let your car heat up a little bit before heading out. Also, always keep any necessary gear (such as a hat, gloves, a coat, and a blanket) in your car, just in case your  car breaks down while you are on the road. Keeping a first aid kit in the trunk also doesn’t hurt in case of an emergency.

Contributed by –Neighborhood Ambassador